About Us

Island Art Gallery is owned and operated by Bruce Reigle. The gallery consists of art solely created by Bruce Reigle.  Contact email address is islandartist@ymail.com. Call or text Bruce at 321-482-5201. facebook/islandartgallery. 

Welcome to Island Art Gallery

Island Art Gallery, formerly at the Cocoa Beach Pier, is now a 100% mobile gallery and print shop. All pet portraits, sea scapes, camping paintings, and printing is now being done in my mobile home.  While traveling and enjoying our beautiful country, I am also creating works of art, along with making great gift items like mugs, coasters, pot holders, key chains, magnets, ornaments, metal prints, and license plates to be sold in gift shops, galleries, and campground gift shops around the country. If you are a mgr. of a gift shop and would like to sell my work in your shop, please contact me. I can also print your or my photo on any of the above items.